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E-C-C 138 „Mistress vs Wife“ – Part 1

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View a contrast catfight between the mature wife and the younger lover

A hard and jealousy breast nipping duel

A wild and jealousy breast nipping duel

Continues with violent pussy squeezing

Continues with violent pussy squeezing

Gina Blonde(31y.) the lover of Cassys(50y.) husband wanted a fight in front of his eyes to show him who is the better woman. Cassy is waiting for a long time to meet her rival and so she accept this catfight challenge gladly. Both rivals found together at Cassys home and Cassy is very surprised about Ginas very hot and sexy clothing with black knee boots and nylons but without panties. Gina request Cassy to pull her t-shirt and panties of and it starts a jealousy contrast catfight between the nude, barefoot mature wife and the younger woman in highheeled boots and nylons. They fight very dirty and mean with hard breast nipping, wild hairpulling and violent pussy squeezing in a long and hardness catfight duel over the husband and lover. And at the sweaty end the winner will dominate the loser in a hot tribadism ride to the ultimate orgasm to get the hole victory over her rival. This is another sponsored costum match at catfight-corner and for enthusiasts of contrast catfights between an older and younger women.

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