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E-C-C 151 „Something to Prove“

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Today we have released the 2nd and final part of E-C-C 151 „Something to Prove“

Jenna Jane and Sexy Mo live together as lesbian friends and some nice day Sexy Mo waits with pleasant anticipation that Jenna comes home.
Jenna: „Hi sweety“
Sexy Mo: „Hello, i have still waiting for you“.
Jenna: „How are you?“
Mo: „I’m fine. And by your self??“
Jenna: „Oh i’m feeling very good today“
Mo: „O.K. You are beam with joy, i can see. What’s happend to you ??“
Jenna: „I have meet a new guy. It was so hot !!!
He fuck me really good and hard from behind in the doggystyle !!!
Mo: „Come again ??“
Jenna: „Yes, i don’t want it, but i need it much harder from time to time.“
Mo:“Do you mean that i provide it not hard enough for you, or what??“
Jenna:“ Oh, always canoodle and softly and nothing else….“
Mo:“That is what do you mean? Then i will show it right for you now, bitch“
Jenna: „That is not enough for me!! I want to enjoy harder sex….!!!
Mo gets really angry about that and the two busty girlfriends have something to prove for their different reason and they began to fight each other rough and wild. Both women are quickly totaly nacked and they fight also with dirty words. Then they start to grab and squezze their nacked pussy lips with strong hands and they wrestle with full body contact, strong breast to breast bearhugs and powerful fuck fight action to dominate.
„Ah ,you need it harder slut, then you get it harder, now“ screams Mo and Jenna spit back: „Yes, and you like also this violent sexfight, right ??“.
Mo: „When i ready with you i will fuck you much harder with my strap-on as this bastard that you meet yesterday!!!“
Jenna: „Try it, or i will fuck the shit out of you with your own cock, bitch“.
The action gets harder and harder !!! They press their busty bodys together without mercy and prove each other in a woman to woman jealousy fight !!!

Today we have realized one of this scripts that our members have sending us and we have also realized some action which the member have suggest. We will say „thank you“ for the very nice script of our member „Pogi“ and we hope that you enjoy it. More of your suggestions are coming next….!!!!

Jenna wants more and harder sex with her new girl Mo and they fight it out now

Jenna wants more and harder sex with her new girl Mo and they fight it out now

In a breast squeezing catfight

In a breast squeezing catfight

An extreme sexfight with tribbing and wrestling, woman vs woman

And they shows an extreme sexfight with tribbing and wrestling, woman vs woman

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